NoExec Long live the Borg

Student Projects

Graduate Theses (selected)

  • High-order cyber anomaly detection in utility networks
  • Twitter astroturfing and propaganda detection using similarity clustering
  • Topology change detection in SDN-based containers
  • IP traffic identification (with Verint)

Undergraduate Projects (selected)

  • MetaNet: A botnet with Metasploit integration: report, slides
  • Practical end-to-end correlation against Tor network: report
  • Detection and improvement of obfuscated communication protocols: report, slides
  • Secure wireless communication between Android devices: report, slides

Undergraduate Projects in collaboration with Mamram

  • Network environment awareness: report

Ben-Gurion University Projects

BGU Computer Science Saya Robot projects ca. 2007–2008 are available at my old site. A genetic programming project report is also available.